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The Death of America

When Incentives Go Wrong

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New 1/6 Report Showcases Pelosi Staff Texts

So THAT'S Why the Media's So Nervous!


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When Incentives Go Wrong

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An Unexpected Turn to.....Ivermectin?

Covid Class Commences

BREAKING: Twitter Files Part 5

BREAKING: Twitter Files Part 3: Trump and 1/6

The Twitter Files Part 2 Hits the 'Net

It’s No Surprise Media’s Ignoring the Twitter Files

Can Concerned Citizens Curtail Covid’s CARES Catastrophe?

Definition Update from the Ministry of Truth


OK, It's Happening, But That's a Good Thing (Part 4!)

The CDC Falls to New Lows

The China Hits the Fan

Have a Happy Holiday!

FTX Part II: Covid and the Next Pandemic

FTX Part I: The Setup

Video Day! World Premiere of "Died Suddenly"

CBS, I Wish I Knew How To Quit* You

Long National Nightmare Finally Over

The Media Can't Do Anything Right

Conspiracy Theories are Spoiler Alerts: Edition ∞

Trump Announces Run, Surprising Nobody

Surprise! Nobody’s Coming to Save Us!

Apologies for the Technical Difficulties

Polls Closed, Bottles Open Thread

What's It Worth to Ya?

special guest post

Debunking Biden

Biden's Philadelphia 2.0 Speech

How About Vaccine Investigations "At the Speed of Science"?

Why the Pelosi Story Matters

Halloween Is Nothing Special When Every Day Is Terrifying

Of All The Things That Didn't Happen....

Seasonality: A Story in Pictures (Year 3)

Follow Friday, Fashionably

Election Denial Is Back On The Menu, Boys!

No Rest In Clown World

Big Brother Behaving Badly (Bonus!)

Young, Healthy People Don't Need Boosters -- Moderna CEO

The Most Racist Thing You'll Read All Day

Gaslighting Isn't Even A Thing, You're Crazy!

This Is Not A Drill - Part 2

This Is Not A Drill

Catch-Up Day Open Thread

Delaware Supreme Court Takes One Small Step Toward Election Integrity

Following The First Rule of Free Speech

October 6th, 2022 -- Biden Doesn't Totally Suck

Musk To Purchase Twitter

The Covid Misinformation That Wasn't

Coolio Takes Final Fantastic Voyage

Solo Un Po' Di Fascismo Casuale

Just a Little Casual Fascism

The Financial Freezeout Continues

The Normalization of Heart Issues in Children

They'll Do Anything To Stop Us From Speaking

Virtue Signaling v. Reality

Covid Flashback

This Year's Worst 9/11 Reflection Goes To......

Washington State, We (Maybe) Did It!

Kim Iversen Reveals Details of Fauci Interview, Exiting The Hill

More ‘My Body, My Choice’ Hypocrisy

Biden’s “Extremist MAGA” Claims Lie on Dubious, Opaque Foundation

Man Without Soul Preaches About Soul of Nation

Teaser Post!

More Vaccine Coincidences

The FBI Believes the FBI is Responsible for Trump's Win

Biden's Lies Exposed.....Again

Audible Screaming #1

What We're up Against

Screaming Goes Audio!

How Freedom Enriches Us

Substack Problems Open Thread

Countering the Control Crisis

Joe Biden is Unfit to be President

Covid Data, the IRA, and Political Persecution

Mentally Ill Octogenarians Are Us Bumbling Us Toward Nuclear War - Again

Vaccine Injuries and Whit Merrifield

August Paid Post: Seize the Memes Edition

Did the Ministry of Truth Name the Inflation Reduction Act?

Emails Reveal Extensive Coordination Between CDC, Big Tech

Failure to Agree on Reality

What’s the Difference Between Resistance and Insurrection?

Turn Back the Clock: It’s Covid Time!

Dutch Truckers Arrive

This Video Will Ruin Your Week

We’re Not Gonna Take It

This Just in:

Hunter Steps in it Again

For a Glimpse of the Future, Look at Germany

Ladies and Gentlemen

Butch Lewis Act Just Another Big Government Giveaway

Imagine, If You Can.....

Take A Lesson From the Dutch

Politicians are the Referees of America, Not Its Rulers

Jay Inslee Clowns Himself Again

The Greatest Political Cartoon Ever

If Trump is So Terrible, Why Must They Lie About Him?

Supreme Court Losses Reveal Ugly Side of the Left

Is THIS Insurrection?

Is This Insurrection?

Government Is A Relentless, Freedom-Crushing Juggernaut

OK, It's Happening, But That's a Good Thing

Even Cops Know Not to Talk to Other Cops

The 'Misinformers' Look Better Every Day

Joe Biden Ready to Use Emergency Powers to Counteract His Executive Orders

In Case Any Doubts Remained About the Future:

Chinese Covid Protocols Used to Stifle Protest

Just Because You're Correct Doesn't Mean You're Right

Reminder: Covid Still Seasonal

1/6 Committee Highlights Deficiencies of the Justice System

Case in Point

Travel Day Open Thread

Naomi Wolf Ponders Second Amendment

Congressional Spending Priorities Should Leave No Doubt Where Americans Stand

Historic Compromise Reached

"I'm Not Quite Dead" Trudeau Open Thread

The More I Read, The Worse It Gets

When Seconds Count, Police Stand Around Outside

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Stuff So Dumb You Can't Believe It's Happening

Buffalo Shooter's 'Manifesto' a Confused, Collective Mess

Joe Biden's Incompetence Is The Only Thing Saving Joe Biden's Administration

The Current Situation:

The Scorpion and the Frog

Here It Is:

Biden Speaks About Inflation Without Saying Anything

It Sure Looks Like Pfizer Committed Fraud to Get FDA Approval.....

Ministry of Truth Claims Parents are "Disinformers"

Bill Gates Learns What We Knew in 2020

Biden Unwilling to Leave Democracy in the Hands of the Public

The DGB Has Ruled This Post Malinformation

Free Speech Under Attack from All Angles

The Bidenization of America

New Disinformation Expert: Government Shouldn't Deal With This Problem

'Ministry of Truth' No Longer Hyperbole

Hunter Biden: The Smartest Man In America

Sometimes Something So Dumb Comes Along, There Are No Words

1930s Government: Use "Marijuana", It's Racist

"Everything is An Attack on Democracy" Sure Looks Like Projection

Old Fake News Company's New Fake News Company Crashes and Burns

Disney Fucks Around, Finds Out

29 Years After Waco, Who's Been Held Responsible?

Masks and Vaccine Mandates Won't End the Pandemic - Political Polling Will

"Unelected Bureaucrats Using Their Power to Undermine Elected Officials Is How We Save Democracy!"

To Ensure Your Future, Some Freedoms Must Be Surrendered

At Least 20 Federal Assets Present on 1/6

Only Two More Weeks to Slow the Spread!!!

Joey Carter's Dumpster Remains Alight

Anthony Fauci Correct Twice in One Week!!

End the Fed......eral Bureau of Investigation


The Covid Years Weren't Terrible for Everyone.....

Joe Biden Takes a Page from Jimmy Carter's Playbook

Democrats Have Gone Crazy, But Freedom-Loving Leaders in the GOP are Nearly as Scarce

Suddenly, the Media is Very Interested in Reporting the Truth About the Bidens.....

Roughly Three Weeks After Washington Lifts Mask Mandate.....

Monthly Paid Sub Directional Post

Biden Denies Gaffes During Euro Trip

Now That We're Done Pretending Hunter's Laptop Is Fake, Can We Talk About It?

Breaking News: The Immune System Exists

Sick Day Open Thread

Why Are You Like This?

Washington School District Fights Racism with Racism

Dodging the Dollar's Devaluation

Quick Headline Hits

The Slow-Motion Trainwreck of the US Economy

Maybe If We Add More Gas to the Fire?

Things ARE Great!

Things Are Great, Why Can't You See That?

CDC Finally Admits What We Knew Summer 2020

Strap on Your Clown Shoes

For A Glimpse of the Future, Look North

Don't Underestimate Joe's Ability to Fuck Things up

The 'Leaders' Are Still Lying

Politicians: Covid is Over But the Emergency Remains

Weekend Homework

Dazed & Confused

The Stank of the Union is Strong

When Biden Declares Victory, He's Really Admitting Defeat

A Look At 'The Science'

Where Do We Go Now?

I Got It All Wrong

The CDC Got the Memo

Who Could Have Seen This Coming????

Grandpa Joe Goes to War

A Little Less Tyranny, eh?

A Little More Tyranny, eh?

A Little Help Here?

et tu, Snohomish?

When Government Gets More Authoritarian, We Get More libertarian

The Government's Next Move Is.....

Cypto Exchange Kraken's CEO: Not Your Keys, Not Your Coins

Canada Gasses Protestors

Canada Begins Arresting Protestors

'Leaders' Want Credit for NPIs, Let's Oblige Them

Canada Continues Escalation

Clown World Update

Lying with Statistics.....Still

Tyrants Gonna Tyrant

Blue-State Officials Don't Even Believe Their Own BS

Eh, It Was Mostly Peaceful

We're All libertarians Now

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Inflation and You

Ontario Court Freezes Donations to Truckers' Protest from GiveSendGo

Last Post I Promise

Are We the Baddies?

Kicking the Goalposts Down the Road

OK It's Happening, But That's a Good Thing (Part 2)

In Case There Remained Any Doubt About 'Private Companies'

We're All Terrorists Now

Somebody Said the Quiet Part Out Loud......

There Oughta be a Law.....

The Change in the Wind is Obvious

Canada Making Protest EVEN MORE Illegal

Joe Biden Pushes Covid Misinformation

The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves

Remember how Israel is a Few Months Ahead of Us?

Joe Biden: Walls Don't Work

Nova Scotia Responds to Trucker Convoy

Zeke Emanuel Pushes Dangerous Covid Misinformation

Quick News Hits

Maybe We Should Listen to Those Who've Been Saying This the Whole Time......

My Freedom Protects You, Your Freedom Protects Me

Parents in Washington State

Why I'm a Cat Guy

Covid Prisoners, We Need to Talk

Did the Vax Pass Save Chicago?

The Proper Role of Science

Let's Check on Chicago!

Cops Summoned to Handle Unvaccinated Students

Censors Gonna Censor

Another Point of Comparison for Washington State

Showing or Selling Fake Covid-19 Vaccine Cards Could Become a Crime in Washington

Clown World Continues

Great News! Seasonality Still Works.

Biden Holds Press Conference

Literally Highway Robbery

The Land Down Under Goes Upside Down

OSHA Mandate Struck Down

Start Your Day with GoF!

Weekend Update: Literally Updates

Some health advisers to Biden’s transition team call on the administration to change its Covid strategy.

New York to Change Covid Hospitalization Counting

The Hits Keep Coming

Falling Down the Rabbit Hole?

Welcome to the Banned: Marjorie Taylor Greene

A Not-So-Happy New Year

The Shifts Keep On Comin'