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I have a question. At this point, why would anyone ever take a Covid test? No-one bothers taking Rhinovirus nor influenza tests.

After omicron was engineered and relased into the wild, overtaking all the other more dangerous variants. Covid is lot less deadly and worrisome than influenza which kills ~10,000 Americans/yr.

And if you by chance do turn out to be SARS-CoV-2 positive, are you changing any behaviors over staying away from people for a few days which you should do with any airborne disease.

To quote someone who thinks she should be more famous than her husband: What difference, at this point, does it make?

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SC - Out to lunch - It did not dawn on me what "main little dude - #1 editor" meant - viz faithful feline admin. Yeah, they can get it, but you'd have better odds hitting lotto or WEF-ESG vanishing. Did anything else "change" recently? Is G attempting to vomit but cannot? If you desire input from experience, please describe the symptoms/progression thoroughly. Can IM offline if desired. Hope G recovers completely, any B news? Hasta.

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Thank you so much for continuing to expose the truth. Between the videos of J6, the Scamdemic info and the Twitter Files, people are FINALLY seeing just how desperate the Leftist/establishment are. They won't stop but hopefully we can continue to expose the to those whom we might not always agree with but are reasonable when educated with the truth. 🙏🙏🙏

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Glad to hear about G. I wonder if it was the food change. I changed one of our dog's food a few months ago and he started a slight cough and gag that gradually got worse and worse. At first I thought it was a virus but then he got skin spots that started bleeding. Took him off the new food and the cough was gone in a week and skin healed in about a month. Never had a food reaction like that in one of my animals.

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Oh this is going to come crashing down so hard. It's indefensible at this point. The sooner the better but as the Demoncrats think they are in control, they're going to put up a helluva dirty fight, even another J6-type deception. They rule by deception, so what's new? The more of us awake to this entire affair and all like it, the more the divide-and-rule strategy fails.

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While the event and the plotting behind it is chilling in its ownright, I can't help but feel both saddened and bemused by the amount of surprise thatseemsto be part of the (righteous!) outrage on display over this.

Is the insight that this is standard practice for police and intelligence forces really that new in the US, or it just that for the first time there is tangible proof beyond testimonials of participants?

Because back in my day we always played "spot the police" during any protest or march, because they would always have a coupe of "civvies" planted - and they should, too. You never know if this protest is the one where a real loon will start lobbing grenades or pull out an old m/45, so it makes sense to have "civvies" circulating among the protesters.

Sadly, it's often too tempting for the powers in charge to make the very short leap from "watching for rioters" to "inciting rioters".

Good that this comes out, and good on you and everyone else keeping the signal on this strong.

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I always thought it was a set up, but I did not think that they went this far in their plans to set those folks up. Why are there still people in jail over Jan 06?

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I keep expecting Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne (the protagonists/antiheroes/titular dipshits of "Dumb and Dumber") to appear in the crowd of one of these videos--perhaps as dupes, but maybe even as instigators given how insanely stupid all of this is.

If I had better graphics designs skills I'd fake them into a 1/6 video myself.

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As to your cat having covid, my dearly departed boy, Carlos Garcia, had a malady that began in 2018. It involved fluid in his lungs. I had him treated at the local vet hospital. Steroids were the most effective treatment, plus putting him in a covered cage with oxygen. He had ups and downs, but finally died on 12/2/19. The vet described his ailment as something like covid, but covid wasn't officially around then.

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I like this link better https://rumble.com/v2en5uk-january-6-care-package.html

Because "Embedded" links Suck ! Embedded links fill the entire browser window, and have no information, such as title, and date, so it is difficult to log it in the J/6 file.

With the above link I get



Rather than just https://rumble.com/embed/v2c1qa8/?pub=ztma8&utm_source=substack&utm_medium=email with no date, no description etc.

Of course, if some are totally annoyed by "Suggested Videos" on the right, filled with a forced overabundance of asinine slap fight bullshit, ... then the embedded full screen url might be better. lmao

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Glad to hear your cat is doing better!

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I am so happy your kitty boy is better. Yes, he could have had a virus.

I am really happy to know he is improving. Sick pets are always a worry, gosh golly darn Jesus, they are not houseplants!!!

J6 was all planned, of course. Leftists are so evil

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So glad G-man better! But Sim, w/ all due respect, no one should still be testing for wu-flu??

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for pet parents...the brave Susan T has risked life&limb to unmask the unspeakable...

Pet Food is 4D -‘Dead, Diseased, Dying, and Disabled '


[Search Result for 'Rendered Waste Ingredients ']

''4D materials”.

“4D” is industry language for ‘Dead, Diseased, Dying, and Disabled animals’.

(kibble, canned, dehydrated, and so on)


It’s Not Pet Food, It’s a Waste Disposal System

Susan Thixton

Association for Truth in Pet Food

...The FDA openly admits these types of animal feed/pet feed ingredients are illegal – remain illegal. But the agency makes it clear they are CHOOSING not to enforce law. The agency is CHOOSING to allow pets to consume diseased animal material, CHOOSING to allow pets to consume decomposing, dead, non-slaughtered animal material.

The agency is CHOOSING to allow the pet feed industry to profit from the sale of illegal ingredients. And significantly – illegal ingredients are allowed by FDA with no disclosure on the pet food label. No warning to any consumer.

...FDA’s own testing found dog foods to contain pentobarbital – a drug used to euthanize animals (can’t get more toxic than that).


Horrifying – Laboratory Animals rendered into Pet Food

The rendering of laboratory test animals into pet food ingredients is simply unacceptable. Untested drugs, euthanasia drugs, and various species of test animals, all to possibly become part of a family pet’s food, is inexcusable.

The carcasses of these test animals and the drugs and chemicals within them should never become rendered into pet food.

Please look at the label of your pet’s food and treats for the ingredients ‘animal fat’, ‘by-product meal’, ‘meat and bone meal’, ‘meat meal’ (not ‘chicken meal’ or ‘turkey meal’ or any other specific named meat meal), and ‘Animal Digest’;

feeding your pet a food or treat with these ingredients could mean you are feeding the remains of a laboratory test animal and the drugs within that animal.

Unfortunately, many Rx pet foods

designed to treat a pet illness contain some of these ingredients.

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Poor baby.

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